Who is Agnar?

The Perfect Dinner

School Project

Image series

November 2019

We were asked to document our meals for one week, I chose to write down each of my dinners, what I ate, how I felt, and what the atmosphere was like. The connection throughout each dinner was that I ate mostly alone in my room. Most of my peers found that very weird and mentioned that they love eating with people. I began thinking about why I liked eating alone and came to the conclusion that the day is so hectic and fast that the only time I can sit down and breathe is when I have dinner after school. It is a sort of meditation for me, to recharge my batteries after the day. The series of photographs display that feeling I have towards my day. When I look back I only see fast blurred flashing memories of my day. It’s only when I sit down for dinner when the image becomes clear and I can relax knowing that the only thing I need to do is eat and enjoy.